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Welcome to the ArtsWA Grants Online system!

Every organization using the Grants Online system should have only one account in the system. We recommend that the person with primary responsibility for managing grant applications and contracts initiate the account.
If multiple individuals need access to your online applications, we recommend that the primary user simply shares the username and password for the account with any other individuals who should have access. The primary user may also associate separate individual user accounts with your organizational account, though this is more complicated and we don’t recommend this option.
If your organization has applied for any ArtsWA grant through the Grants Online system in the past, please locate the existing organizational account information rather than initiating a new account. If you cannot locate your existing organizational account information, please contact ArtsWA grants staff for assistance.
If your organization is new to the Grants Online system, and you will be the primary user of the system, please begin the registration process here!
Registering as an individual user is the first step of the sign-up process. After you establish your individual account, you will create your organization account, and then you will have access to application forms.
Please use your work address / business contact information for your individual user account.
Password Rules :
Contain at least 8 Characters
Contain at least 1 Number
Be sure to write down your username and password! You will need it each time you login to this system.  

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